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Wednesday, January 25, 2017



Gentlemen as of any other accessory shoes are important as ties, pocket squares or the suit itself. I talked about that with my girlfriend Beautyundergrad (Link) a fashionista. And from a woman point of view shoes are as important as the rest of your outfit.

But let us dive now into the topic. I give you a overview of the type of shoes, the tip of the shoe and why you should consider it as well as some care taking info's.

(click picture to enlarge)

As you can see in the chart there are many types of shoes for a gentleman. While some of them are for business, formal occasions and events so are the other for the private part.

Derby, Oxford, Chelsea and Wingtip are the classical business shoes. Derby and Chelsea are the more "Day to Day" shoes in a business environment. (I highly recommend to own at least one of these.)

Oxford and Wingtip are the one you should consider if you attend in a "high rank" or important meeting also for more formal events.

The rest are for the more casual / private occasions and events.

When you about to buy a new pair of shoes you also need to consider the tip of the shoe. Beside the aesthetic purpose of the tip those have also a side effect you need to pay attention to.
  • Pointed Tip: those will help you to make you feet look longer as they actually are
  • Round Tip: for those with bigger feet the round tip help to make the feet look smaller
  • Square Tip: if you have small feet those will help you to let you feet look bigger
And as you can imagine there are a lot of varies and crossovers. This will help you to find a good pair of shoes that not only fit to your outfit it will also compliment it.

Your about to buy a new pair of shoes and as it is those business shoes, as an example, can be expensive even if you don´t buy a designer brand. And we want that they pay off in the long term which mean we have to take care of them.

Of course in the picture are shown the more fancier ones of shoe care kits but it gives you an idea what it means if you take being a gentleman serious.

And i can tell you to clean, wax and polishing your shoes can also have something relaxing even meditating.

But with the cleaning we are not done with the care taking. In the picture above are shown some shoe trees that will help you to keep your shoes in the from the have to be, dry and also help to keep unwanted off odors away.

At last let me tell you this. A woman will look at your whole outfit and even recognizes the details. Woman love a man, a gentleman, who is capable of putting his outfit together that it matches. A gentlemen with manners and knows how to dress for his lady of his heart is for the woman the biggest turn on. Am i right Beautyundergrad? (LINK)


Tuesday, January 17, 2017



Gentlemen we all know this. It´s in the morning you still bit tired and you look in the mirror and know you need to shave. A daily task or every second day or some functions where you have to attend and yes it can be boring and sometimes bothersome.

You remember when your Lady always compliments you after you shaved well? When you took your time and made it real thoroughly? How she let her fingers glide over those fresh shaved skin smiled, kissed you and said you smell so damn good? It´s not only that, remember how you have felt? Right... like a well groomed Man. A Gentlemen.

It is time to turn this boring task back into an experience. Shaving is not just a task to complete it is also a time to relax some sort of time out for your self. And beside that, as well as a good tailored suit a good shave is also important like any other accessory in the arsenal of an Gentlemen.

There are so many possibilities out there to create your own shaving set. Like you can combine different ties, pocket squares, cuff links, suspenders you name it with your suit so you can combine razors, brushes, shavings soaps, shaving bowls and so on.

I for myself go by a more vintage, lets say colonial style shaving set.

It is a MUEHLE safety razor closed comb and a MUEHLE VIVO series pure badger with a black high-grade resin grip

The soaps i use is (l.r.) sandalwood scent and almond scent. 

As after shave i use a more harshly scent. You will see that a good shave in combination with a suit makes a big difference in how people will look at you and treat you. But that are little side effects. Most important is that you enjoy shaving again and your Lady will love it.